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Polar Bear “Commercial” products differ from their “Residential” counterparts, and from a manufacturer’s point of view the key difference is the “grade”.  How we evaluate the longevity, usage and intent of our products is subject to any given application, be it commercial or residential.  The technical differences may seem subtle but the resulting performance is dramatically different whether it’s the thickness of the foam or grade of the material itself; each performance attribute determines whether our products have achieved “Commercial” designation.  Another common attribute often overlooked is the product warranty period; our “Commercial” grade products offer longer warranty periods with select products having 25 year limited warranty periods.  There are overlaps when it comes to commercial and residential grade products and there may be cause to look towards a commercial product installation in a residential application.  It’s entirely possible to find products in materials, types, and styles available in both residential-grade and commercial-grade forms/versions.  Even though we manufacture many types of products for specific/intended purposes, Polar Bear Products can easily be adapted based on your “intent” and the “grade” required for what works best in any application.  Commercial products can be used in residential applications and when they are, expect optimal performance, ease of installation & peace of mind with a Polar Bear Products warranty.


Polar Bear Weatherproofing is proud to be a socially conscious brand that promotes sustainability, energy efficiency, and carbon footprint reduction through our line of weatherproofing products. That’s why we chose to support Polar Bears International – an organization that is fighting to reduce climate change and protect polar bears whose ecosystem is at risk due to the negative effects of global warming.