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DIY’ers will our products because “YOU” can do it, yourself!

Basic tools are all you’ll need to take on any project that involves Polar Bear Products.  There’s not much to consider when it comes to product manipulation and installation, and when questions arise you can turn to us as we’ve compiled DIY resources that detail the products you need, the tools required and step by step instructions to get the job done, and done right!

Below we’ve arranged the three most important resources we have to offer you.  Get ready DIY’ers as we’re here to guide you through the process of energy loss prevention while weatherizing your home — in other words long-term cost savings.  By the time you’ve put your tools away & cleaned up, your house will have begun transforming into the home it was meant to be — comfortable.

Simply put, watch & learn is the best teacher...

Let us guide you through an interactive process where product installation is delivered in step by step examples, as this provides peace of mind and a stress-free approach to the task at hand.

In-the-moment reading is the better reference...
We’ve put together a series of product installation guides to make that Polar Bear DIY project easy to understand, and in a few simple steps you’ve got this!
An information source where we come together...
If you’re DIY project has you feeling adrift don’t worry because you’re not alone.  At least not anymore; the reality is our blog is just the perfect way to come together as a community.

Polar Bear Weatherproofing is proud to be a socially conscious brand that promotes sustainability, energy efficiency, and carbon footprint reduction through our line of weatherproofing products. That’s why we chose to support Polar Bears International – an organization that is fighting to reduce climate change and protect polar bears whose ecosystem is at risk due to the negative effects of global warming.