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Do It Yourself or Hire a Contractor?

Do It Yourself or Hire a Contractor?

Almost all work can be done by the do-it-yourselfer with a few basic tools.

The cost savings and job satisfaction can both be high.  If you take the trouble to do the job properly, the results should be excellent.  Make sure you consult any available installation guides and video tutorials carefully before you begin to familiarize yourself for the task at hand.  Our DIY Resources are designed to meet the needs of the experienced and inexperienced “do-it-yourselfers”.

Some types of retrofit are best done by a contractor with tools and experience, or, if you prefer, have someone do the work for you, like DIFM (Do-It-For-Me).  You are far more likely to have excellent work done if you choose a contractor carefully and take an active interest in the work performed.  the more you know, the better.  This is especially important if you are hiring a contractor to do general renovations and you want to include energy-efficiency as part of the work.

DIY Quotes…

It is what it is, but it will become what you make it.


Polar Bear Weatherproofing is proud to be a socially conscious brand that promotes sustainability, energy efficiency, and carbon footprint reduction through our line of weatherproofing products. That’s why we chose to support Polar Bears International – an organization that is fighting to reduce climate change and protect polar bears whose ecosystem is at risk due to the negative effects of global warming.