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We know our products; designed, fitted and manufactured to establish a continuous barrier against weather’s ever present bombardment on our homes.  With years of knowledge in the “weatherization” industry, we’ve developed a series of video tutorials geared towards “do-it-yourselfers” that want to ensure the proper installation of our products.  Let us guide you through an interactive process where product installation is delivered in step by step examples, as this provides peace of mind and a stress-free approach to the task at hand.

How to Install Window Kits

  1. Ensure surface area temperature is greater than 5 °C / 40 °F.
  2. Clean surface thoroughly with soap and water.
  3. Apply adhesive tape to the frame.
  4. Measure and cut the film to approximate window size.
  5. Apply the film to the tape from top corners to bottom.
  6. Cut off excess film with scissors.
  7. Use blow dryer to remove wrinkles from plastic film.

How to Install Foam Tape

  1. Ensure surface area temperature is greater than 5 °C / 40 °F.
  2. Clean surface thoroughly with soap and water.
  3. Measure area of application and tape accordingly.
  4. Cut the tape with scissors. Leave a few extra inches for tough to reach areas.
  5. Door: Apply tape on the frame.  On hinged side, apply foam to door jam.
  6. Window: Apply tape to bottom and top of the window sash.  If gap permits, apply to window jam.

How to Install Eavesdropper

How to Unfold Window Kit

How to Install Door Products

How to Install Door Threshold

How to Install Door Jamb

How to Install Door Bottom

How to Install V-Strip

How to Remove Liner Tape from Foam

Window Film Tape Residue Removal


Polar Bear Weatherproofing is proud to be a socially conscious brand that promotes sustainability, energy efficiency, and carbon footprint reduction through our line of weatherproofing products. That’s why we chose to support Polar Bears International – an organization that is fighting to reduce climate change and protect polar bears whose ecosystem is at risk due to the negative effects of global warming.